Reason 1

It all begins with NutriMost Programs and Products!

NutriMost Programs are unlike any other wellness and weight loss programs. These customized programs are specifically designed for each individual and their unique challenges. The result is a unique food plan, supplement plan and coaching regimen. NutriMost provides the tools that allow your clients to work smarter, NOT harder to reach their weight loss goals. As a NutriMost franchisee, you offer what no other weight loss provider can offer. Clients often say that a personalized program from NutriMost is the first and only program that enabled them to reach their weight loss goals. NutriMost Supplements are in a class by themselves. These all-natural, excipient-free supplements are food and plant based and designed to work specifically with the NutriMost programs.

Broadcaster, James Brown (JB),
NutriMost National Ambassador,

lost 84 pounds and discusses how a personalized program from NutriMost enabled him to finally lose weight. 

Interview with Ken Aagaard,
Network Executive and CEO of CBT

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Phenomenal Results!

NutriMost proudly stands behind our product with the NutriMost 20+ Pound Weight Loss GUARANTEE. Due to their success on the program, NutriMost clients develop strong emotional bonds with the NutriMost brand, fellow clients and NutriMost staff. Clients tend to be more like a family and often refer to themselves as “NutriMosters”. Many of these individuals have gone on to become NutriMost employees and even NutriMost franchisees. This close client bond and emotional attachment to NutriMost resulted in a large number of “NutriMosters” arranging a vacation to celebrate their success! That’s the power of the success of NutriMost.  


"It's not the weight you've lost, it's the knowledge you gain that make this program so different."


"The most amazing thing was being able to watch the scale every morning - there's most often a weight loss every day."


"I lost 100 pounds and I have now kept it off for almost 4 years and I never had control like I do now over what my body likes and doesn’t like… I am no longer feeling like I am 90, I am 38 and I feel like I am 20 again."


"In total, I've lost 142 lbs on the program. I went from a size 22 to a size 6 in seven months. I'm happy the way I am, I hit my goal! I finally did it - I'm healthy."

Reason 3

Resources. Resources. Resources.

NutriMost Intelligence is the proprietary program that helps NutriMost practitioners and coaches personalize your foods and nutrition.

NutriMost Intelligence is the result of a multi-million-dollar investment combined with 35 years of clinical experience by NutriMost Founder and CEO, Dr. Raymond Wisniewski.

NutriMost Intelligence is the power that develops the personalized Programs and cannot be replicated. 

NutriMost Intelligence is ONLY available through the franchise network.

Reason 4

Superior Support System

NutriMost has developed an extensive portfolio of resources designed to support you, and to make opening a NutriMost franchise an easy turn-key process. Cutting edge technology and an extensive operations support system guarantees that you are able to operate efficiently and exceed client expectations.  Your dedicated Operations Specialist guides you through the on-boarding process and continues to serve as your corporate point-of-contact. 


Wellness and Weight Loss is a $574 Billion industry

More than 1/3 of the population in the US is considered obese.

Translation: Consumers are spending more money than ever before in their quest to become healthier. At the same time, the population increasingly suffers from weight-related illnesses.

574 Billion D
Reason 6

NutriMost’s proven training protocol covers best practices, critical components and ensures that you have the knowledge and expertise to be successful.

NutriMost offers extensive training to new and existing franchisees. Whether you are preparing for the grand opening of your first location or have received new program updates or supplements, NutriMost has developed a variety of materials across multiple mediums. NutriMost training is designed to ensure that you and your staff possess the knowledge and skills to maximize sales.

Reason 7

Successful marketing means that NutriMost knows, understands and connects with potential clients.

James Brown (JB) happily states that he knows his success on the NutriMost Program inspires others. As NutriMost’s National Ambassador, his weight loss has received significant media attention and has become a cornerstone of our 2018 marketing plan, including television commercials by a 29-time Emmy award winning producer and director.


In combination with our existing strong presence on social media, NutriMost is connecting with more individuals than ever before.

Marketing efforts capitalize on every available opportunity but there continues to be one constant. NutriMost Programs have created a referral magnet. Satisfied clients anxiously relay their NutriMost experience to others and word spreads exponentially. In fact, many NutriMost clients ultimately become franchise owners having recognized the power of the Programs.


More than 1.2 million pounds have been lost by clients on NutriMost Programs

Passion for the program. Passion for helping people. Passion for financial reward.

All of our franchisees share the same passions. Beyond those basic tenets, our network of franchisees possess a wealth of other skills and affinities. They are a strong network who are overcoming America’s obesity epidemic utilizing NutriMost protocols, tools and technologies while providing the knowledge and resources to create a healthier and happier nation. 

Dr. James Leone

Dr. Yachter


Dr. Tom Insinna

Dr. Bragg


Dr. Meola


Dr. Anderson


Dr. Taffuri


Dr. Rendelstein


Todd November


Dr. Drake


Wellness and weight loss is a HUGE industry. In a country with the highest level of obesity and many people searching for answers, we believe that our programs, our results, marketing, tools, and business protocols and processes give us a competitive advantage.

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